Date October 25, 2014

Nigel Barham

Testimonial Message
Review/Recommendation/Endorsement for Gary Moran
Being from out of town, when we needed a realtor in Kingston we took to the web to find one. We were very surprised to find that there were no high-quality listings of realtors in Kingston. So, we began the hard work of looking at each realtor in the searh results one by one. We were discouraged with our findings. The realtors seemed to fall into one of three categories: (1) too big – “will we get personal service?”, (2) too small – “can this realtor ‘get it done’?”, and (3) not enough information – “who is this realtor, really?”.
Our search was over–hours later–when we came across Gary Moran’s website. Within minutes we knew that Gary was the one we were looking for. His website content, reviews and newsletters were professional, factual, understated and up-to-date. He did not look inauthentic or “slick”. He seemed successful, but not drowning in a team that was too big and where our end-of-the-day point person would be a junior staffer. No, Gary seemed like the real deal – a singular, dedicated professional.
Before we even called Gary our decision was made.
Gary was all that we had hoped for and more. He was honest (sometimes jarringly so!), he was professional, and he went the extra mile. He guided us through the whole process adeptly, in a way that not only maintained–but built–our trust, every step of the way. When it came time to negotiate, Gary negotiated. You don’t want a push-over realtor. But he did it with integrity, driving a hard bargain; in a way, too, that made everyone feel respected, including the folks on the other side of the table.
All this and Gary’s fees are very reasonable, not a notch above the average. Gary knows that by delivering for his clients, the work will keep coming. And that’s why he is successful. Despite his success, Gary–himself–will be with you every step of the way.

If you need service that is fully personal and of the highest quality, there may not be a better realtor in Kingston than Gary Moran.
We bought the house. We got a great price. And we are very happy.
Next time we need a realtor in Kingston, we won’t have to think twice. Gary Moran will be getting our business.
Nigel Barham

Date March 16, 2012

Maurice and Suzanne Audet

Testimonial Message
Maurice and Suzanne Audet
6 Arrowhead Road
Petawawa, Ontario, K8H 3K5
March 15, 2012

Sutton Group-Masters Realty Inc
1650 Bath Road
Kingston, Ontario K7M 4X6

Dear Sir/Madam:

I wish to bring to your attention the outstanding service we continue to receive from one of your members, Mr. Gary Moran.

Suzanne and I are relocating to Kingston and it was purely by chance that we happened upon Gary as we simply inquired about one of his listings over seven months ago. But today we feel extremely fortunate to have done so. Gary is quite simply one of those professionals who not only �talks the talk� but more importantly, he genuinely �walks the walk�. His direct, honest and very knowledgeable interactions with us throughout our journey to buying a new home in Kingston has been absolutely incomparable to any other experience we have had in buying and selling our homes over the years.

While Gary�s extensive knowledge and experience about building, selling and buying homes in the greater Kingston area is impressive on its own merit, he is also extremely well connected to and supported by an equally impressive team of experts who have helped guide us in the best and safest direction when examining a home in its most important details. In particular, we owe Gary and his team greatly as they narrowly prevented us from making a very risky purchase decision, and were it not for their expertise and unequivocal analysis; we may have made a very costly mistake. I am convinced that if we had not been so ably guided, the consequences would have been disastrous for our family. We have certainly come to appreciate what a great realtor can do for us, and Gary and his team are top-notch.

We feel extremely fortunate to have him in our corner and would strongly recommend him to our friends and our family who may be looking for the services of a remarkable realtor.

Maurice and Suzanne Audet

Date June 27, 2011

Hugh and Annalee McKechnie

Testimonial Message
Hugh McKechnie
Teacher (37 years), Curriculum Developer

June 2011

A letter of appreciation

My wife, Annalee, and I are on the point of retirement, looking forward to the third period of play in the game of life.

Six years ago, in advance of events that were evolving, I was scanning the real estate listings in the Kingston-Frontenac parts of Ontario.

Our son, a graduate of the school of medicine at Queen�s , was pursuing a fellowship in his specialty. He was married with two toddlers, loved Kingston and the life-long-learning environment of KGH. His popularity at the hospital appeared to point to a long career right where he had become part of the health care team. We, the grandparents, were driving back and forth from Toronto every weekend, it seemed.

I no longer remember who was the first to make contact, but Gary Moran has become for us a barometer of the Kingston scene. He made time to send us regular best-in-the-industry newsletters, and he phoned a few times each year, just to see if we were ready to take up residence in the old town of Kingston. Our talks inevitably went to politics, economics, family, fishing. Sometimes we even talked about real estate.

I was certain that this would be the year for our move.

Unfortunately, due to a number of factors, the doctor in the family was not destined to become a fixture at KGH. He was head-hunted by a different, growing and dynamic medical centre.

We are personally disappointed, for Kingston would have been a perfect fit for us; it was already a perfect fit for our son�s growing family. Recreation, history, culture, tradition and the birthplace of Canada, all together was just too good to be true.

Never say never, I guess, but the third period of our game has been rescheduled for the north. Maybe we�ll have an overtime period with you.

We have been warmly treated by Gary Moran, never forgotten, and never pressured. He knew he was our agent. There was never any doubt. He is a keeper.

Yours truly,

Hugh McKechnie

Date June 23, 2010

David and Alberta Saunders

Testimonial Message
David and Alberta Saunders

Mr. Gary Moran and Ms. Sandra Burke
The Gary Moran HomeSelling Team

Dear Gary and Sandra,

What a pleasant surprise it was to have you visit us in our new home last Saturday! Thank you so much for both the booklet that you compiled on the sale of our home, and the generous gift certificate that accompanied it.

From the marketing of our house to the sale of it, the process of selling our house was handled with excellence and a high level of professionalism by you.

Speaking from a novice seller�s perspective, the selling of a house is a highly emotional experience from the listing of the property to the closing of the transaction. The most important factor in the process is having a competent, knowledgeable, calm professional whom you trust. Thank you, Gary, for being that person for us. You were readily available when we needed reassurance and guidance, and walked the fine line between giving us your opinion and respecting our personal concerns and circumstances. You made what could be a high anxiety experience one that was manageable.

We were very impressed with the way that you and Sandra work together. You make a great realty team. Her follow-up was outstanding.

Again thank you for handling this most important transaction for us. We wish you and Sandra the very best for the future.

Date January 15, 2010

Paul Hussey

Testimonial Message
Major General Paul R Hussey (Retired)

Letter of Referance
Gary Moran – Real Estate Agent

Please accept this letter as reference for Mr. Gary Moran, Sales Representative for Sutton Group Masters Realty Inc., Brokerage, Kingston Ontario.

My wife and I engaged Mr. Moran in October of 2007 as we embarked upon the search for a house to settle into upon my retirement from the Canadian Forces. From the outset, Gary was most impressive with respect to his professionalism and engagement. Indeed, Mr. Moran’s approach and personality exemplified all of the following traits: Integrity, Ethical, Patient, Punctual and a good listener.

Upon receiving our first phone call, Gary came to see us and spent a considerable amount of time listening to our needs and explaining the housing market in the Kingston area, as well as being frank with respect to the local idiosyncrasies and pitfalls. Our search for the right house for retirement took a considerable amount of time, the better part of five months. Throughout Gary was always patient, never pushing anything we did not need or even higher priced houses that would have fit the bill. He even suggested we reject houses that would have compromised our needs and requirements, and maintained our optimism that the right house would be found. His integrity, honesty and ethics in serving our needs, was outstanding. He never gave us the impression that he was too busy or that we did not have his full attention despite his workload at the time. In addition, his previous experience as a builder, provided us with excellent on the spot insight into each house�s construction deficiencies or extras.

In the end, we found the right house for our needs, and one year later, we have absolutely no regrets and are delighted with our choice. Gary has even checked on us from time to time to ensure we were indeed satisfied customers.

We consider ourselves indeed fortunate to have selected Mr. Moran as our Agent here in the Kingston area. I cannot imagine, nor have I encountered, a more professional Real Estate Agent in the Country. I highly recommend him to your needs should you be engaging such services in Kingston.

Date May 14, 2008

Eric Tremblay

Testimonial Message
13 May 2008

Dear Gary,

Please accept this short thank you note for your excellent work
in helping my wife and I in our most recent real estate
transaction. Not only did you help us find our new waterfront home,
but your expert marketting plan resulted in the sale of our existing
home in a very short time: five days. Truly fantastic! Your
multi-facetted marketting plan that included the talking house
component was well received by passers by. I frequently observed
people parking in front of our home to listen to the talking house
radio broadcast. Brilliant!

Thank you again for all your hard work. We appreciate it greatly.


-Eric Tremblay

Date December 7, 2006

Shane & Melanie Williams

Testimonial Message
Everyone who has experienced the buying, selling and moving of a house can appreciate the unrest associated with it.

Going through this process with Gary made the experience much more comfortable.

He was extremely knowledgeable of the housing market, and his dedication to serving our needs was unbelievable.

Gary will make you feel like you are his only client and he will not rest until you are happy.

After the dust settles, in your new house, you will have made a new friend by choosing Gary as your agent.

Shane & Mel

Date September 28, 2006

Colin Dunn

Testimonial Message
Being in the military and this being my fifth move in 21 years, it was a plesent suprise to have Gary in my corner.

For the entire 5 days of my house hunting trip, Gary put in long hours with my wife and I looking at close to 35 houses in 4 days. On the fifth day we fianlly found the house we wanted. I had routine help from Gary once the house hunting trip was over. He assisted me and my family in interm lodging and finding a general contractor.

Gary is by far the best agent I have dealt with. He goes far and beyond what the other agents I’ve worked with. My experience left me feeling that I was helped by a friend, and not a agent/client relationship. I wish they’re were more Gary Moran’s in the business

Date July 4, 2006

Rita Fabbro

Testimonial Message
As a first time home buyer, I’m glad I happened upon Gary Moran. He made the whole process clear and smooth going.

He has incredible patience and is thorough when asking important questions about condo living. He does his homework and is very oraganized.His contact information also makes him easy to reach.

Gary is a community member who is truthfull, competent, organized, patient and caring.

Make Gary Moran a part of your real estate experience.

Date April 18, 2006

Charmaine and Michael Bullett

Testimonial Message
Moving from an urban location to a rural setting has its inherent challenges. Gary definitely helped to make this transition an easy one.

He provided us with the necessary information for both buying and selling our home and was quick to seek answers to our many questions. We truly appreciated his diligence and professionalism throughout the entire process. Without hesitation we would recommend Gary Moran.

Date April 11, 2006

John Merry

Testimonial Message
My experience in dealing with professionals has left me less than trusting.

So when I randomly selected Gary Moran from the yellow pages it was with great relief when he took upon himself the role of Kingpin, while acting as liaison, and bringing everything together in the 11th hour.

With a phone call, I could explain the hurdle, and Mr. Moran would tell me he’d handle it and handle it he did.

The accessibility and ease to which Mr. Moran facilitated my transaction gave me an indication of Mr. Moran’s objectiveness and problem solving abilities.
I was amazed at his ability to communicate with other professionals involved and get the job done.

Mr. Moran has restored my faith in the real estate profession with his solid integrity and will receive my business again.