DND Relocation

DND RELOCATION�- CFB Kingston, Ontario

As a retired military officer and a registered supplier for DND relocation services let me serve you and your family by providing outstanding professionalism, dedication and first class marketing to ensure that your move goes smoothly, quickly and with as little stress as possible.


For those posted out of CFB Kingston I hope that you have enjoyed your time here and I wish you all the best in your new posting. I have�relocation packages for most Canadian Forces Base locations – Please give me a call at 539-9511. I would appreciate the opportunity to show you my marketing plans and discuss listing your property.


Welcome to CFB Kingston, I hope that you will enjoy your time here in the gateway city to the famous Thousand Islands. I will courier a Kingston relocation package to your current address along with some current listings for your review. Please give me a call on my toll free number from anywhere in North America at 1-866-393-5762. I look forward to meeting you and assisting you in finding the perfect property for you to enjoy during your service time in Kingston.


For those in service overseas and who are coming to CFB Kingston send�an email to GaryMoran@KingstonRealtyTeam.com with a courier delivery address and I will get a Kingston relocation package off to you the same day. Include as much information about the type of housing you will require and I will include some listings for you to review. I look forward to welcoming you back to Canada and to Kingston.